Tutuila Island

Tutuila is, by far, the largest of the seven islands of the territory of American Samoa. All addresses on Tutuila, as on all other islands in the group, are zip code 96799, or Pago Pago, AS 96799.

Let’s be very clear about the size of Tutuila. Although 95% of the territory population is on Tutuila, that number is no more than 60,000 (census data is unreliable). The CIA factbook says there is150 miles of road in American Samoa (all islands) but this seems like a huge overstatement. There are maybe 60 miles of paved road (probably an over-estimate) on Tutuila. There are fewer than 10 “STOP” signs (depending on how many are standing) and no traffic lights. The absolute maximum speed limit is 30mph, although most areas have posted speed limits of 25mph or less. There are no cities, not even a large town on Tutuila or anyplace in American Samoa.

The capital of American Samoa is Pago Pago, although there is some question whether that is actually about the village of Pago Pago, or if the term Pago Pago is just generally accepted as the capital. There are no government offices in Pago Pago. Many years ago Pago Pago probably was the center of population. The Pago Pago Harbor is the focal point of all major commercial activity on the island.

Major points of interest on Tutuila are the capital, Pago Pago, the tuna canneries, the television transmitters atop Mt Alava, the industrial park, numerous relics of WWII, and government offices.

Major Tourist Attractions:

  • Eastern Shoreline Roads (amazing scenery and beaches)
  • Two Dollar Beach
  • Pago Pago Harbor
  • Mt Alava (Television Towers and cable car)
  • Blunts Point Guns
  • Western Shoreline Roads (amazing scenery and beaches)
  • Coconut Point
  • Turtle and Shark Cliffs (Vaitogi)
  • The views from Aoloau (Mt Olotele)
  • Fogama’a Bay
  • Fagatele Bay

Major tourist attractions that are also National Natural Landmarks:

  • Aunu’u Island
  • Cape Taputapu
  • Fogama’a Crater
  • Le’ala Shoreline (sliding rock)
  • Matafao Peak
  • Rainmaker Mountain (Pioa)
  • Vai’ava Strait

National Natural Landmarks Brochure

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Pago Pago Harbor
Pago Pago Harbor
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Fatu ma Futi
Pago Pago International Airport
Pago Pago International Airport